Why The **Bleep** Do We Need To Exercise Anyway?

August 23, 2008

I remember seeing an episode of a cartoon called The Jetsons in the mid to late 80’s where Judy Jetson was getting ready for school. Judy pushed a button and ***SHAZAM*** the clothes on her body were different. When she didn’t like an outfit, she just kept pushing the button until she found one to her liking. She didn’t have to move her body at all. She just pushed a button and her clothes were instantly different.

Technology might not be quite that advanced yet, but it gets more advanced with each passing day.

Technology is meant to make our everyday lives more efficient. It makes our lives “easier”. Remote controls let us push buttons to change the channel or adjust the volume instead of having to get up and walk to the TV. In fact, we didn’t always have TV’s as a means of entertainment. We use our cellular phones to call people from our cars that we drive to work. Escalators and elevators take us up and down floors. Microwaves heat our food in a matter of seconds with the push of a button. We wash clothes in a washing machine and throw them in the dryer. [Read more]