230 lbs vs 165 lbs and The Bigger Picture

January 26, 2009

230 lbs vs 165 lbs You could say it has been a bit crazy for this Hawaii personal trainer these past few weeks. A couple weeks ago, a lady rear ended my car pretty hard. Unfortunately, my car is not drivable so I’ve been walking and skateboarding everywhere I need to go. Yeah, it’s

Biggest Loser Contest–2 More Weeks

July 1, 2008

ATTENTION Biggest Loser Contest PARTICIPANTS How much progress have you made towards your goal? You have just 2 more weeks to lose as much body fat as you can. Get your final measurement Monday July 14 3pm-5pm, or Tuesday July 15 3:30-5:30. Be The Biggest Loser And You Could Win $200! Sponsored

Step Zero

May 6, 2008

If you look at your bank statement, you expect to see an exact number, right?

Would you be satisfied if it only gave you a rating; Low, Enough, Good, or Rich?

Would you be satisfied if your bank statement only showed you a checking account
balance but, always kept the savings account balance a secret from you?

Why would you treat your fitness any differently?

If you are working with a good Certified Personal Trainer, one of the very first things they’ll do is take a few basic measurements. You should know these measurements too.

Numbers 1-3 are especially important for a person whose goal is to improve their
appearance; to lose weight, cut-down, tone-up, trim-down, shape-up, -down, -diagonal, or -whatever.

Get these measurements-

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The Biggest Lie In Fitness

March 7, 2008

Everybody plays the fool. Almost every person out there with excess body fat has tried an ab belt, or some other kind of fitness gimmick to lose weight and get toned. I remember many years ago when I was living in Hilo, Hawaii, my ex-girlfriend’s family had pretty much every ab machine I