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Free Bonus #1

Chris Ranes Personal Training Food Journal + Special Report “Four Stupid Food Lies and Why We Believe Them”

An invaluable tool for fat loss. Use it to reach your goal the first time. Use it to keep yourself in check once you reach your goal. Use it over and over again…

Value $14.99

Free Bonus #2

The Great Abs Mistake

“After 18 years in the fitness business, “How do I get great abs” is still BY FAR the most frequently asked question I receive out of the over 30,000 emails that come into my office every month. No doubt it’s because abs are the one body part that most people are the most frustrated with.

Although their questions are often phrased differently and each person’s situation seems unique, my answer to “How do I get great abs” is almost always the same…and you’re about to hear it…”

Value $19.99

Free Bonus #3

Turbulence Training Original 4 week Bodyweight Workout Program

Proper nutritional habits + effective exercise is the only way to to slash body fat. Here’s a 4 week workout program to get you started on your fat loss journey immediately.

Value $19.99