“It’s been quite a roller coaster, but I’ve always loved thrill rides!”

Chris Ranes’ story is an incredible tale of perseverance and bravery. As a young high school student, Chris spent every afternoon and weekend at the local golf course.

At 16 years old, after 2 years of golf, Chris boasted a very respectable “4″ handicap. Chris temporarily put his golf club’s in the closet for his dream of conquering the local racing scene.

Chris is known to many in the Hawaii import drag racing scene. At 19 years old, Chris set a record for having the quickest, and fastest AWD vehicle in Hawaii. Chris also set a record for the quickest and fastest ET run by a Mitsubishi/DSM in the State of Hawaii (1/4 Mile in 10.6 seconds E.T. @ 138 MPH-an unofficial record Chris earned at 19 years of age and still holds to this day). Chris was even featured in a DVD covering Hawaii’s import car scene and beyond.

One day, while working on his race car outside his Liliha house, Chris met his next door neighbor, personal trainer Matthew Jones. At the time they met, Chris was cutting pieces out of his race car with the intention of creating a lighter car that would produce faster time slips. Ironic to say the least.

Chris Ranes’ record setting 1991 Mistubishi Eclipse GSX AWD Turbo
1/4 Mile 10.6 seconds @ 138MPH

This everyday sort of meeting between Chris and Matt, and a casual inquiry about “losing weight” would change Chris’ life forever. “Your body is governed by the exact same laws of science that your race car and everything else is”, Chris was told.

Just as his desire to have the fastest car drove him to learn how to make horsepower and put it on the pavement, a newly inspired Chris dove head first into learning everything he could about fitness and self-improvement. Chris was inspired to take a critical look at his lifestyle and make a few serious changes. The benefits would be far greater than faster time slips.

A rare picture of Chris before finding fitness

Starting a clinically obese weight of 230 lbs, Chris lost the weight with little trouble.

“It’s actually pretty easy once you know the right things to do. Most people need to see fast improvement in order to stay motivated. I wasn’t any different. When I’d go back to the Big Island, none of my friends could believe their eyes! I loved it!”

Chris began working towards a degree in Kinesiology, and earned numerous certifications through the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF).

Old Chris is gone. New Chris meets Dave Palumbo.

Using his own personal experiences and fueled by his new-found passion for self improvement, Chris shared his skills and knowledge with others to help them reach their own fitness goals. He taught a highly diverse group of cliental; ranging from sedentary seniors with goals of living life better, and preventing injury; regular people wanting to lose weight and be leaner, high school athlete’s; as well as athlete’s preparing for competition on a bodybuilding stage.
Chris is a naturally competitive person. Coming as no surprise, he began working towards a new goal: competing and winning his weight class at a local bodybuilding competition.

This picture of Chris was actually meant to be a new “Before” picture.

A short time before Chris would have his chance at competition, tragedy struck. Chris was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly took his life. The head-on collision at more than 40 mph put Chris in the hospital for two months, and stricken to a wheelchair for 18 weeks.


Multiple compound fractures to his upper extremities, 3 fractures at the acetabulum, multiple fractures and a sub-luxation to his vertebral spine (C1, C7, C5-6, respectively), a brachial plexus injury, and nerve damage left the right side of Chris’ upper body 90% paralyzed.

Never one to call it quits because of unexpected setbacks, Chris returned to work as soon as possible. Chris was forced to be without the dominant right hand that he used every day of his life, and adapted to being left handed very quickly.

Asked if his right arm being paralyzed has affected his work, Chris responds…

“Not being able to use my right arm has definitely presented it’s share of challenges. I’ve changed a lot about my approach; not just in training clients, but in the way I live life. As far as work goes, it’s definitely made me more creative. I’m a better trainer now than I have ever been, and I will never stop trying to improve. I am so happy with life. Every moment is a blessing.”

See for yourself. Most of the before and after pictures displayed here on this web-site are of clients Chris worked with after this life changing accident took place.

Before  After

Chris has been producing incredible Before & After photos since the very first client he ever trained.

Chris enjoys teaching others how to control and shape their bodies, and promotes a message calling for balance in life.

Physical fitness is a large part of the wellness continuum and each aspect has an affect on the others. When you have balanced components of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness, you will have ascertained a delicate balance in life leading to true happiness. The pulse of your life will be strong and certain. There is surely nothing greater.