Invitation to the Launch of Jacobs Ladder in Hawaii

March 23, 2011 · Print This Article

The first Jacobs Ladder has arrived in Hawaii at Fitness Ranes Training Studio. This revolutionary training system is based on a self-powered ladder angled at 40 degrees that simulates a continuous climbing treadmill. It is an innovative low-impact and high-cardio machine which challenges novice and experts alike, and adjusts to each user’s ability and power.

Professionals and athletes incorporating Jacobs Ladder into their strength & conditioning program include the military, police, and major league sport teams. For fitness enthusiasts, Jacobs Ladder proves to be a unique and superb workout that no other fitness equipment can compare.
Chris Ranes, owner and lead-trainer of Fitness Ranes Training Studio said “We train a range of clients by delivering customized programs using various apparatus. Compared to other equipment throughout the studio, Jacobs Ladder proves to be a tremendous challenge and benefits every user based on their personal abilities. The Ladder is incorporated as part of our group circuit or within a personal training session, and everyone takes away an intense experience.”
While Cindy and her husband were vacationing from Portland, Ore., she located Ranes’ studio to continue their training program as committed fitness enthusiasts. When introduced to Jacobs Ladder, she commented it was “diabolically good,” which speaks wonders about its challenge.
Another client who regularly uses the Ladder said: “If your body can flow for just 20-seconds on the Ladder for a few times in one workout session, your outlook about fitness will never be the same. The Ladder is intimidating, but you feel immense success as it challenges your body in extraordinary ways. Your fitness life will take off to a new level after experiencing Jacobs Ladder.”
Fitness Ranes Training Studio will be hosting the Launch of Jacobs Ladder at 930 McCully St. These one-hour complimentary sessions are scheduled Thursday Mar. 24 at 6 p.m., and Saturday Mar. 26 at 9 a.m. Registration for this event is required by phone or online.


Chris Ranes is a certified fitness expert (IKFF certified kettlebell teacher and NESTA certified personal trainer). Fitness Ranes Training Studio is a personal and group training facility that specializes in strength & conditioning, and body transformations for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.


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