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Our last workshop at Hawaii Kettlebell went really, really well. In case you missed it, a hard working group of about 12 people that consisted of kettlebell/fitness  enthusiasts & a few personal trainer’s walked though Hawaii Kettlebell’s doors with the goal of learning one single, but very complex move: The Turkish Get Up. You can see more  more info about that workshop including a description by visiting this link: Turkish Get Ups Workshop at Hawaii Kettlebell.

Some pictures from that workshop are pasted throughout this blog posting. Here’s a few of the reviews that are posted on the Oahu Kettlebells Meet-up group’s page (and one from my facebook page that was so nice, I had to put it too :)):

“ Fantastic! Never imagined what a Turkish get up was or how much it could do for your body. Chris is a great teacher . Can’t wait to attend another meetup. ”

“One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended and it heightened my love of the kettlebell!”

“ This was an excellent group. Learned a lot and not to mention great workout that did not put stress on my body. Who knew my shoe was soo heavy. Looking forward to the next time we meetup again! ”

“ This was a great workshop and even though I was familiar with the Turkish Get Up I still learned many helpful tips! Thanks for a great workout! ”

“ This was my first time doing this exercise movement. It was an awesome workout! Great technique instructions! The breakdown of exercise technique and hands on feedback was very helpful. Mahalo nui loa! ”

“ Very Very extensive. At first I thought 2 hours might be pretty long, but this was pretty much the perfect time. Chris’ selection of kettlebells was extensive (not many people at Hawaii have more than a few) and it really seemed like everyone caught on very quickly. I hope to see more of these at Chris’ location. ”

And it was every bit as awesome for me to be able to share what I know with you. Thank you so much to all the attendees! This is my dream and you are helping me live it!

Okay, so now I have to let you know that: the next FREE kettlebell workshop at Hawaii Kettlebell is happening Tuesday July 27 at 6pm.

You MUST RSVP in order to attend this event.

You can RSVP by calling me: (808)398-4931 or emailing me:, or join the meet up group and RSVP there. It doesn’t matter how you RSVP but I do hope to see you there—it’s gonna be seriously AWESOME!!!

Is this workshop for you? Well…

Would you like to strip away body fat faster than ever before, increase your athleticism, be more resistant to injury, take your strength to an entirely new level, AND do it without getting bulky & clunky like The Incredible Hulk?

If you answered yes to any part of this question, and you’re ready to inject a massive dose of fun, and excitement back into your workouts, then come join us for a FREE introduction to one of the most powerful, and versatile strength & conditioning tools on the planet: KETTLEBELLS.

If you’re okay with putting in some hard work to get outstanding results, I’d bet the house that you that you will never go back to those old, boring, monotonous “3 Sets of 8-12 Reps” type of workouts again!

In addition to the benefits above, kettlebells will help you develop:

  • Functional strength that allows you to perform better in sports, and everyday activities
  • Endurance to outlast the competition
  • Flexibility, and increased range of motion
  • Agility, and balance to enhance your inner ninja
  • Mental toughness

Unlike traditional isolation exercises, kettlebells integrate all the muscles throughout your entire body to complete movements. These movements teach your muscles how to work together and perform as a functional unit.

Isolating individual body parts is common in sports like bodybuilding and it works well for that purpose, however; it does comparatively little to increase athleticism, and usable, functional strength. Isolation exercises (biceps curls, triceps extensions/chest flys) are what you see most people performing in big commercial type gyms. Functional strength is the type of strength that will help your body move better and perform at its full potential.

Come join us for this FREE introduction to kettlebells at Hawaii Kettlebell on Tuesday July 27, and see for yourself what all the hype surrounding this incredible training tool is all bout. You will not be disappointed.

In case you missed it above, you can RSVP for the workshop by going to this link: You can also call me: (808)398-4931 or email me at

I have a lot more news to share and I’m all out of time to write this so expect another post soon. I hope to see you at the next workshop!


2 Responses to “Come to Our Next FREE WORKSHOP AT HAWAII KETTLEBELL!”

  1. Jade Boots on March 29th, 2011 2:29 pm

    Is the most effective way to learn kettlebell training through personal training classes or is there a DVD or even a book that I could follow? I’ve been told the DVD’s are NOT something I can get results with, but I can’t afford to take classes or get a trainer.

  2. ChrisR on March 29th, 2011 3:56 pm

    Hi Jade. A certified kettlebell instructor is the best way to learn. There is nothing that can replace hands on instruction from an certified, experienced kettlebell coach that knows what they are doing. If you’re going the DVD route, check out Steve Cotter’s Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting, or MBodyStrength’s MB45 video. Also, check out the Oahu kettlebells meet up group on We do free kettlebell classes in the Honolulu area of Oahu every now and then. Aloha!

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