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My posting here has been infrequent lately, but I hope you won’t hold it against me.

And while my blog has been quiet, my Hawaii personal training, and group training clients have been making some serious NOISE!!! The good kind, of course. 😉

Bear with me as some of these updates are a bit late.girl

Congratulations to my personal training client, and friend Kara for getting out there and challenging herself in the Hawaii racing scene. She finished in the top 10 for her age group in the Saucony Val Nolasco Half marathon that took place in the fall here on Oahu. Kara also finished the Honolulu Marathon in 4 hours with tons of people blocking the way. Way to go, Kara! YOU ROCK!

Congratulations to Danielle for passing the FBI Special Agent Physical Fitness Test with flying colors. When Danielle first jumped into my personal training program, she could only do 2 push ups, and she struggled to make it into the double digits for sit ups. We started at core stabilization exercises, push ups from the knees, and body-weight squats. On test day–29 push ups in 1 minute and 49 sit ups in 1 minute. HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!?

Congrats to Haunani for being the first shooter in Hawaii history to repeat as an individual champion by winning gold at the 11th annual Civilian Marksmanship Program/Hawaii High School Athletic Association Air Riflery State Championships. Haunani is basically the baddest (bad as in good) girl in the state when it comes to air riflery. girlwithgunShe’s also right on target in her fitness training program.

In December I took another trip to Colorado. My sister Kristin continues to impress me. She is making fitness and good eating habits a priority and it shows BIG TIME! Way to go, sister!

While I was in Colorado I met a Certified Personal Trainer/RKC Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor named Josh Hillis. I bumped into Josh while I was checking out personal training studios in Denver.  And before you ask–no, I’m not moving to Denver, I just like to see what other people in the same industry are doing, and hopefully learn something from them if I can.  Josh is an RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, and one of the nicest dudes in the fitness business that I’ve ever met. Josh runs a kettlebell based fat loss bootcamp in the Cherry Creek/Denver area. We started talking about kettlebells, and as soon as he found out I was an IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, he insisted that I demonstrate a kettlebell snatch for him. I did 10-12 snatches for him and he seemed totally stoked to see the difference between the styles of kettlebell lifting in person. We had a great talk–I kept Josh in his office for about an hour after his last kettlebell class finished.  Josh gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me! Josh’s website is

In case you didn’t know already, IKFF and RKC are two of the most respected kettlebell certifying bodies in the United States, and they both have slightly different styles of kettlebell lifting.

There are a lot of personal trainers all over the place that claim to offer “kettlebell training”. It’s no surprise that trainers everywhere are throwing their hands up and screaming, “Me too!” Kettlebell training is different from anything you’ve ever done. It is something truly special.  I swear to you–I have got to be one of the biggest skeptics out there, but I’m sold on this one. At best, proper kettlebell training will do amazing things for your body. You will gain: mobility, strength, power, endurance, balance, agility, coordination, movement skills, mental strength, and athleticism by training with kettlebells. Like any other exercise, there is the potential for injury. If you do it wrong, you will be missing most of the “amazing”results I just told you about. Instead, your results will be: wasted time, a dramatically increased potential for injury, and at worst, you could get very seriously hurt.

If you are going to pay money for kettlebell lessons with a trainer that claims to teach kettlebells, I cannot stress just how important it is to find an instructor that is certified from a legitimate kettlebell certifying organization. A Certified Personal Trainer is NOT necessarily a Certified Kettlebell Instructor and you WILL NOT get the same quality of kettlebell instruction from a Certified Personal Trainer  that isn’t certified to teach kettlebells.

Some other good kettlebell certifying agencies besides IKFF (the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation), and RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) are: AKC (American Kettlebell Club), AOS (Art of Strength), Kettlebell Concepts, and MKC (Steve Maxwell’s kettlebell certification program). Once again, I cannot stress how important it is to check and make sure your instructor is certified by one of these organizations. Ask a Certified Personal Trainer if they’d think it’s a good idea to do personal training sessions with someone that is a Certified Aerobics Instructor, but is not yet a Certified Personal Trainer.  I kettlebell class hawaiican’t imagine any personal trainer saying that would be a good idea, but I bet you could probably find a bunch of well-intentioned aerobic instructors ready to accept your payment. Same deal here. Make sure your trainer is specifically certified to teach you kettlebells.

Back here in Hawaii, group training has really taken off, and many, if not most of my Hawaii personal training clients have decided that getting in shape with a partner or partners is the best long term option for training. Working out with a partner, or in a small group is not just a workout; it’s an EXPERIENCE!  Group training is totally fun, high energy, and highly motivating! Group training with kettlebells is outright addicting. Get in touch with me and find out how you can be part of this incredible body changing experience!

I have some HUGE news for you in the next post. I can’t even explain just how exciting this is! This is seriously HUGE!!!

Talk to you soon!

Stay strong,

Chris Ranes

Certified Personal Trainer, IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher


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