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August 18, 2008 · Print This Article

I started an extension of my blog on the Honolulu Advertiser. I don’t know where it’ll show up on their site or if it’ll show up at all but, I’m here to help people and the only way for me to accomplish that is to get more people to hear what I have to say.

If you know someone that could use some help, tell them about my blog, and bring them into a positive circle of influence. It could seriously change their life!

Anyway, here’s my first post to the Advertiser.


Since this is my first post, I figure an introduction would be a good place to start. Here’s what I wrote in my “About Me” section. I wonder where it’ll show up. I may have to shorten it…

I was born in Washington State, but I definitely consider myself a Hawaii kid.

When we were children, my little sister and I would visit my Mom in Hilo during the summer months. When I was 12, we moved to the Big Island to live with her.

At age 19, I made the move to Honolulu for a change of pace, to attend school, and to be part of the action at the now defunct Hawaii Raceway Park.

A short time later, I became very interested in fitness. At age 21, I started my first fitness job as a personal trainer.

It’s been quite a journey. Before I made the dive into fitness, I weighed about 233-236 lbs.

I had told myself that my appearance was fine, that I was happy with myself, and anybody who thought less of me because I was fat could stick it–you know where.

I was just rationalizing. I was making excuses for my lazy lifestyle, and the resulting effect that it had on my appearance, and self image.

The truth is; I was very far from okay, and I wasn’t happy with myself at all. I don’t know if anyone could see it besides me; I always wore a smile wherever I went.

I also wore a size 38-40 pants and XL-XXL shirts. I avoided pictures like the plague. I usually avoided stepping on the scale most of time because I didn’t want to face reality.

One week, I did step on the scale. When it showed a number in the mid 230’s, I told myself that was enough. There was no way I was gonna let it get to 240.

It took me about 6 months to completely change my body from obese to 150lbs. However, the biggest change wasn’t in my body, it was in my mind and perspective.

There’s no magic to it. The information is out there. In retrospect, the biggest challenge was separating what is useful from what is not and then taking that knowledge and applying it for a long enough period of time for it to make a real difference. How’s that saying go? “If I only knew then, what I know now…”

I’m 27 now. Fitness and self improvement has become a lifelong commitment for me, as well as a highly rewarding career. My biggest challenge today is finding people to inspire and teach.

I thought a blog here on Hawaii’s biggest newspaper would be a good way to reach a lot of people that want to learn from my experiences and knowledge.

Life is an amazing journey. Life is wonderful. I would be deeply honored to be able to make a positive difference in your life.


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