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A lot of people think about getting into shape. A small percentage of people do something about it. An even smaller percentage of those people will actually see change/results and stick with it.

It’s sad, but true.

It’s in our nature to procrastinate.

It’s in our nature to quit when things seem hard, or when life gets busy.

My personal training program takes away all the excuses.

My personal training program will give you the skills, knowledge, motivation, and the accountability that you absolutely must have in order to reach your goals.

Every person that has ever really achieved anything in life and every client that has ever signed up with me after meeting with me for the first time has at least this much in common:

  1. They all have a great desire burning inside.
  2. They were all willing to put their foot down and take the necessary action to make their desire a reality.

In all honesty, if that’s not you, then you’re probably not the right person for my personal training program.

If that is you; calling me and getting started on your own personal fitness training program could very well be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

It can seriously change your life. No joke.

It’s hard to take action. It’s easy to find a reason to not do something. It’s easy to do nothing.

You can think about it over and over again till you’re purple in the face. You’ll be in the same place until you do something about it.

Be Your Best,


P.S. One of my clients who took action wrote a nice message about me on the http://HawaiiMoms.com forum.

The link to the message is http://forums.hawaiimoms.com/viewtopic.php?t=4220.

Personal Training Experience

Submitted by Mommy Sacha on Thu May 15, 2008 10:16 pm
Hi to all the mommies!

I had to share this cause this has been such an amazing experience for me. After the birth of my 2nd child I vowed to FINALLY get in to shape. It wasn’t until I saw the picture from his 1st birthday party that I realized I had to do something and that all this extra weight and inches had just snuck up on me. I am a SAHM and do almost nothing for myself and put the kids and all other responsibilities first. I finally did something for me and the payoff has been tremendous!! It hasn’t even been 3 months yet and I’ve lost about 10lbs but the bigger thing-I’ve lost many inches from my body. My body shape is actually changing and its so awesome to see results before my very eyes.

I had considered using a trainer at a 24hr fitness but I interviewed some other trainers first and I’m so glad to have found the one I did. His name is Chris Ranes and his website is www.myfitnesswithchris.com. Hes an amazing person and I’ve learned so much from him. Besides pushing me in the gym he helps me decide what foods to eat and how to eat them. Hes thinking of starting a bootcamp soon with group training and I told him that there are moms everywhere looking to get back in to shape. If this sounds like something that could work for you visit his website and let him know you’re interested. His site is full of information that can help you reach your goals.

Yes, I was afraid to start doing this but a few minutes in to it I realized that if you do what you’ve never done before, you will have what you’ve never had before. This guy has helped me so much. No BS or shortcuts here. He teaches you science and facts. Its the only way to go. If you’re serious and willing to work hard there is no one better to partner up with, at least that is my humble opinion.

Aloha and thanks for reading!


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