Are You Calling Me Fat?

July 15, 2008 · Print This Article

It’s the last few days of my Biggest Loser Contest. I spent a few hours yesterday and today offering a part of my personal training services for free. I was performing body composition (body fat) tests for the members at Punahou Fitness & Spa here in Honolulu. I’ve also done this in the past for the members of 24 Hour Fitness in Waikiki while I was there.

I’m saying this with a bit of a chuckle–not everyone appreciates the free help.

Some people are stoked to find out their body fat and some people look at me when I offer the test and then proceed to completely ignore me. And I’m about as non judgmental as people get.

I’m always sensitive to the feelings of others and I never want anyone to feel embarrassed about their level of body fat because it is a very important number to know.

If you’re exercising to improve your appearance, aside from body type (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph), your body fat is basically the tell tale story of what your body looks like.

A 5’9″ male that weighs 180lbs with 12% body fat looks completely different than a male of the same weight with 27% body fat.

The male with 12% body fat has about 21.5lbs of Fat Mass on his body and 158.5lbs of Fat Free Mass vs 48.5lbs of Fat Mass and 131.5lbs Fat Free Mass for the male with 27%.

A 5’3″ woman that weighs 125lbs with 22% body fat looks completely different than a woman of the same weight with 37% body fat.

The female with 22% body fat carries 27.5lbs of Fat Mass compared to 46.25lbs of fat for the female with 37%.

What do you think each of these people look like? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

If you’re trying to get from point A (your starting point) to point B (your goal), you must know where each point is. How will you ever get to your destination if you have no idea where you are starting and where you are headed?

Why would anyone want to wander around aimlessly in a place like gym with no clearly defined purpose?

Furthermore, being able to objectively see the progress you’re making can be a huge motivator. Would you keep doing something if it wasn’t producing the results you’re looking for?

If you’re exercising to improve health and function, consider this; the people carrying excess body fat, most especially the overweight people carrying excess body fat are much more likely to develop serious health problems including cancer, impaired immune function, gallbladder and kidney diseases, and bone and joint disorders. If you want to read a little more about the health risks of carrying excess body fat, I found this nifty little page within a Physical Development Overview on Valdosta University’s site that sums it up pretty nicely.

When your body composition changes for the better, your appearance is enhanced. When your appearance is enhanced, your confidence grows. When you have confidence and good health, you live a more comfortable, longer, and higher quality of life.

If you’re just getting started, I’ll bet you other people will notice the change in your appearance before you do.

When you are in shape, you have more energy, your body works better, you look better, and you feel better.

When you are in shape, you perform your daily tasks better and with less effort.

Are you shooting in the dark when it comes to fitness or are you working towards a clearly defined goal? Do you know where you stand as of now?

Ultimately, we’re all in the gym for the same reason. To be better.

When we get in a car, we’re not usually just driving around aimlessly. We’re going from a starting point to a destination.

Know yourself. Work smarter. Work harder. Get results.

Be Your Best,



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