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July 7, 2008 · Print This Article

You probably already know this since you’re at my site reading my blog– I’m a personal trainer. Whenever that, “So what do you do?” question comes up, I always get basically the same questions. “How do I lose weight”, “How do I tone this?”, “How do I get rid of this?”, etc.

It’s funny because I  usually get asked these questions by people while they’re taking a bite of a meal that equals about half of their daily caloric need, or sipping at their 3rd or 4th alcoholic beverage they consumed that evening.

Well, the simple, short answer is to consume less energy, and expend more energy. You can read more about this simple but immensely important concept in my article titled The First Law of Fat Loss. We can expand on that a little bit further by saying exercise smarter, more efficiently, more intensely, and eat more often. You can read more about meal frequency and fat loss by going to my article titled Meal Frequency and Fat Loss.

Make food choices that allow you to have more food volume but less calories. If you’re clueless about smart food choices check out my article titled Fat Loss Food List. If you think you can exercise away the body fat from a certain area, you should definitely give my article titled The Biggest Lie In Fitness a read.

I’m gonna give you the lesson today, before we get to my little story so you can keep it in mind.

The lesson is: Common sense will get you very far.

So anyway, I was talking on the phone with my younger sister who lives in Colorado.

I ask her if her friend Luke is still going to that boot camp. She tells me he is and that he loves it.

Here’s the rest of our conversation:

Kristen: So when are you gonna design those workouts for me and my boyfriend?

I ask her a few questions to get an idea of her current level of strength and conditioning.

Me: Can you do a push up, I ask?

Kristen: Yeah.

Me: How many can you do?

Kristen: Like 5 or 6.

Me: Regular push ups or on the knees?

Kristen: Regular.

Me: (in a shocked voice) No ways, are you serious?

I was shocked at her high level of strength.

Kristen: (in a masculine tone) Well, I’m kinda strong and muscular, (then her voice changes to a tiny cute little innocent voice) I’m just kinda fatty too.

It was so cute.

So I turn big brother half off and personal trainer partly on.

Me: Well what are your eating habits like?

Kristen: You know I love potato chips– everyone knows Kristen loves potato chips!

Me (laughing but still using a soft, sympathetic voice): I know. (I hear a faint crunching sound and my tone changes to a little more serious but still playful) In fact, it sounds like you’re eating potato chips right now!

At the exact same moment we both start laughing like crazy.

Kristen (laughing): I am!

Kristen (taking a semi serious tone for a moment): But it’s okay– they’re 100% white corn tortilla chips!

I humor her and with just the smallest touch of sarcasm in my voice, I tell her, “Oh yeah, that’s okay then.”

Me: How much have you had?

We both start laughing again at the same time. I know she’s holding a big bag of ’em. She’ll keep eating them till shes a full, or till her stomach feels a little funny.

Kristen: Well, I feel guilty so I’m drinking water.

I dig deeper and ask her questions that I already know the answers to.

Me: How is water gonna help?

Kristen: I dunno, I just know its good for you, right?

Me: Yes. Yes it is.

Kristen: So are you gonna send me those workouts, Christopher?

Me: Yes. Yes, I will.

To Be Continued…

Be Your Best,


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