How to Get Everything You Want in Life

May 25, 2008 · Print This Article

Are you getting everything you want in life?

If you’re not, then raise your standards.

Most gym goers I know probably think they’re trying hard to reach their goals. But, how do you really know?

Are you *really* working hard enough to reach your goal? Do you compare yourself to your friends, co-workers, and/or your peers in/out of the gym?

How do you know if your routine and efforts are truly effective? And is that effort going to take you to your desired goal?

After going to the gym for the first day, or the first week, month, year, or years, you have in your mind an idea of what your standard is. The word standard is defined as “a degree or level of requirement, excellence, or attainment.”

Your standard basically becomes the minimum amount of effort that you’re willing to put forth into your life and your workout each time you get out of bed and each time you enter the gym.

People who’ve earned their wealth and fortunes, and people that worked hard for their bodies have a lot in common.

They don’t settle for mediocrity.

They didn’t listen to that guy in the gym that used genetics or big bones as an excuse as to why they still don’t have a six pack.

“Genetics” is a weak excuse tossed around by people that have settled on mediocrity.

You have so much freedom in the world. The ability to choose is the greatest power we have.

For example:

Sarah chooses to go to the gym 5 days out of the week. Each time she comes she chooses to do a leisurely walk on the treadmill at the exact same pace. She chooses the same exercises and the same weights that seemed challenging to her during her first week in the gym.

She sets this standard for herself and the result is that her appearance reflects this lackadaisical effort.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just show up.

There will be times when you’re busy and it’s hard to get a decent meal or meal replacement, times when you reach the 10th rep and you don’t want to do anymore, times it seems that what you want is impossible to get.

You can choose to put the weight down and rationalize to yourself, “Well, at least I made it in and did something”, or you could choose to push a little past your comfort zone and give your body a serious reason to change.

You have the choice to set a goal, the choice to write out a plan for you to achieve that goal, the choice to take the necessary steps for you to reach that goal, the choice to push harder, the choice to give up when things seem difficult, the choice to do nothing, and the choice to be your very best.

There is always some sort of choice.

I honestly believe that most crucial part of successfully transforming your body and your life occurs before you ever pick up a weight, or head out of your house into the world.

Prepare your mind and body to be truly challenged each time you enter a workout. I use my warm up to get in this mindset. I spend 5-10 minutes on the treadmill shutting out everything else and focus entirely on the workout ahead of me. Plan meals ahead so you won’t have to scramble when it’s time to eat.

Set high standards for yourself in your fitness and in your life.

Strive to do better every day.

You will be successful if you try hard enough.

Be Your Best,



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