Meal Frequency and Fat Loss

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The article today explains the importance of meal frequency. This site will be redesigned very soon and will be easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Also, fat loss articles will be arranged and offered in a step by step system for losing body fat. The cost will be free, of course.

Read on to find out how meal frequency affects your fat loss and metabolism.

Have you had enough of the fad diets and “magic pills”? Are you ready to learn the real way and start making some real progress?

There’s no magic here. Forget what you’ve seen on TV, or been told by people that mean well but, don’t really know.

This is something else entirely. Call it strategies, steps, secrets, or whatever else you want to call it. These are facts based on modern science and they apply to each and every human being on planet earth. This is objectivity at its finest. This is the real way.

Once you put the changes outlined here into action, you will stabilize your blood sugar (your energy levels) which means you will feel more energy all day, you will be less likely to burn lean tissue for energy (less lean tissue = less calories/fat burning), more likely to burn excess body fat, and you will be less likely to store any additional, new body fat!

Try this—

First, draw out a time-line of your day on paper.

Draw a straight line across the page. At the left end of the line write what time you wake up and on the right end write down what time you go to bed.

Your line should look like this:

8am __________________________________________________________11pm

Next, divide your time-line into 3 hour sections like below.


Now, put in your meals, snacks, and beverages for the day. Place an X on your time-line at the time you ate and also write beneath your X what you ate or drank.

Record your daily activity and write down what you were doing during each 3 hour time period above your time-line.

Look at your time-line and see where your trouble spots are. Everyone has some. Check for any times during the day that you are not active yet eating too much, or vice versa, times when you may be fairly active yet not eating enough, or anything.

The absolute worst thing you could do if your goal is to lose body fat is to position your meals/snacks in the wrong places.

Your body is constantly using energy, even while you’re sleeping. Your body burns calories (energy) 24 hours a day and that means you need to feed it frequently… the key is to position the right amount of food (specifically calories) at the right time. Makes sense doesn’t it?

By honestly tracking your daily activity levels and nutritional habits you can easily pin point spots that need improvement. Now that you know where your trouble spots are, you can make some minor (hopefully) adjustments.

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One Response to “Meal Frequency and Fat Loss”

  1. gwen on May 13th, 2008 1:02 pm

    Eating at 3-hour intervals must help do the trick!
    I happen to talk to someone just yesterday who went from over 200 pounds to 185. He advised me to eat frequently when I mentioned that I wanted to loose body fat. I asked if he ate every 3 hours and he said “yes” and told me that I should limit carbohydrates to breakfast and after work-outs only. I asked him don’t you get irritable limiting carbohydrates that way (because I do)and he agreed. I think that’s the reason he carries a power bar type snack with him. I also asked him what time he stops eating for the day and he said around 8:00 p.m.—that would work for me based on my doctor’s advice.

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