How to Get Everything You Want in Life

May 25, 2008

Are you getting everything you want in life?

If you’re not, then raise your standards.

Most gym goers I know probably think they’re trying hard to reach their goals. But, how do you really know?

Are you *really* working hard enough to reach your goal? Do you compare yourself to your friends, co-workers, and/or your peers in/out of the gym?

How do you know if your routine and efforts are truly effective? And is that effort going to take you to your desired goal?

After going to the gym for the first day, or the first week, month, year, or years, you have in your mind an idea of what your standard is. The word standard is defined as “a degree or level of requirement, excellence, or attainment.”

Your standard basically becomes the minimum amount of effort that you’re willing to put forth into your life and your workout each time you get out of bed and each time you enter the gym.

People who’ve earned their wealth and fortunes, and people that worked hard for their bodies have a lot in common.
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A healthy 1,200 calorie smoothie?

May 20, 2008

There’s tons of articles, opinions, and information out there. Very often, it can be difficult for people to separate the useful information from the marketing crap. The reality is, most companies out there don’t want to help you, they want your money.

In this blog, we learn how the human body really works so you will be able to tell the difference between the useful information out there and the crap.

If we want to improve at something, we must constantly educate and arm ourselves with knowledge so we can make well informed decisions.

I came across a good article in the headlines on my yahoo homepage today that I thought I’d share with you. It’s extremely rare to see a genuinely good article for fat loss/weight loss in the media, especially the headlines.
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Meal Frequency and Fat Loss

May 12, 2008


The article today explains the importance of meal frequency. This site will be redesigned very soon and will be easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Also, fat loss articles will be arranged and offered in a step by step system for losing body fat. The cost will be free, of course.

Read on to find out how meal frequency affects your fat loss and metabolism.

Have you had enough of the fad diets and “magic pills”? Are you ready to learn the real way and start making some real progress?
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Step Zero

May 6, 2008

If you look at your bank statement, you expect to see an exact number, right?

Would you be satisfied if it only gave you a rating; Low, Enough, Good, or Rich?

Would you be satisfied if your bank statement only showed you a checking account
balance but, always kept the savings account balance a secret from you?

Why would you treat your fitness any differently?

If you are working with a good Certified Personal Trainer, one of the very first things they’ll do is take a few basic measurements. You should know these measurements too.

Numbers 1-3 are especially important for a person whose goal is to improve their
appearance; to lose weight, cut-down, tone-up, trim-down, shape-up, -down, -diagonal, or -whatever.

Get these measurements-

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Sucker-Free Personal Training

May 1, 2008

First, let me say this…

I don’t like wasting money and I don’t like being a sucker. Living here in Honolulu costs enough already. I prefer making well informed buying decisions and wise investments that I’ll feel good about in the long run.

Now, if you’re here reading this, we have something in common; the desire to improve our lives and be better.

Along the way, you might have considered hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

I was talking with a woman on the phone yesterday. I could tell I was talking to a person that had tried and failed with some other program, product, or device. In our conversation, she often referred to what I teach as “your way”, or “Chris’s way”.

Almost everyone has been the sucker at some point. I’ll admit it — I’ve been a sucker before too.

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