Craigslist and Personal Training Clients

March 26, 2008 · Print This Article

A big thank you to craigslist for offering me the opportunities to reach people. I’ve been able to reach quite a few people through craigslist that I might not have otherwise.

I am always looking for people that are serious about making a change for the better.

Here’s how one of the latest new clients that signed up with me via craigslist is doing.



Weight———169—————168———– -1 lb

% Body Fat— -38%————–35.5%——— -2.5%

Fat Mass——-64 lbs————59.5 lbs——- -4.5 lbs

Fat Free Mass-105 lbs———108.5 lbs—— +3.5 lbs

Upper Torso—-38″—————35.5″———- -2.5″

Waist———–33.8″————-32.3″———- -1.5″

Hip————-44.2″————-43.6″———- -0.5″

As you can see, the total body weight didn’t move much in these first 3 weeks, which is exactly what I tell most of my clients to expect (at least in the first month).

If you look a little closer, you’ll see that Fat Mass actually did go down a whopping 4.5 lbs and Fat Free Mass went up 3.5 lbs resulting in the total weight loss of 1 pound.

That’s great news! It’s extremely difficulty to maintain lean tissue in a “cutting” or “trimming down” phase.

The change you see above is the body’s response to going from mostly sedentary to jumping head first into a highly effective progressive exercise program with me.

She’s burning significantly more calories now than she was a month ago. In our next measurement, 3 weeks from now, this number (Fat Free Mass) could possibly go up just a little more (if we’re lucky), but most likely it will stay the same or start to fall.

If she continues working hard at the exercise program we’ve laid out for her and sticking to her meal plan, you are going to see a completely different looking person by the time summer gets here.

Expect her body fat %, total fat mass pounds, and circumference measurements to continue to get smaller.

Expect to see the number on the scale fall dramatically over the next 6-8 weeks.

Thank you craigslist and thank you so much to my amazing clients for making my job the best job in the world!




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